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As an animator and a director, it's been my great pleasure to mentor and nurture Sophie's creative talents. Her artwork, music and drawings and writing possess an enormous amount of sensitivity to the range of human emotions - once again, I refer to the meaningful aspects of the content in her work. This is evident in her many zines, and more recently, the beautifully designed book Yes, yes ... no. The story of one of many Virgins.

In the seven years that I've known her, I have been privileged to witness her develop as an artist. Sophie has never floundered, and I'm always inspired by the fearlessness in her unique, and original, vision. She manages to pay attention to detail whilst maintaining a global view in design. I am eager to see what she'll accomplish next.

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Sophie Laplante lives in Montreal. Born in Pointe-Claire, she went on to become a kid like you and me. It's only at the age of 25 that she started to draw and develop her own drawing style. She created zines and illustrations, and eventually attended Concordia University where she studied Fibres and Drawing. She is currently working on the business project La Fabrique Sofeel, creating touching paper cards and objects. Her background includes a degree in Fashion Design and a degree in Culture Communication.